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Live your greatness during allergy season with Telfast®

Life isn’t waiting for your allergy symptoms to pass and neither should you. That’s why Telfast® delivers the fastest* non-drowsy allergy** relief. 1,2,3,4 Get out there and do what you love. Telfast® is here to help.

Your allergies don’t stand a chance

Stop your worst allergy symptoms with the #1 allergist recommended non-drowsy brand***

Product shots of Telfast® 120 & 180mg Tablets

Telfast® Allergy Relief

Telfast® delivers the fastest* non-drowsy allergy** relief 1,2,3,4 in 24hrs 5

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Product shots of Telfast-D® and Naselfast®

Allergy & Congestion Relief

Telfast-D® and Naselfast® delivers fast,non-drowsy allergy relief plus an effective decongestant.

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*Fastest non-drowsy allergy relief that starts working in 1 hour. Applies to first dose only. Among single-ingredient branded oral antihistamines. **Seasonal Allergic Rhinitis Symptoms.*** Among single-ingredient oral antihistamines and multi-ingredient oral antihistamine and decongestant brands.

Discover the Telfast® Benefits

Do what you want. Go where you want. Any time of year — without allergy symptoms holding you back.5

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Because it’s nice to enjoy the relief without worrying about drowsiness.5

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Telfast® is fastest* non-drowsy allergy** relief 1,2,3,4

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Telfast® provides allergy relief for 24 hrs in one tablet 5

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Understanding Allergies

The first step to relieving allergies is understanding them.

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Allergy Triggers

Learn about external causes of allergies like sand, mold, dust, ACs and seasonal allergies.

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Allergy Symptoms

Get to know allergy symptoms and how to treat them

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Allergy guide

Get tips and tricks on how to manage the different types of allergy.

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