Recognize allergic symptoms in kids

As soon as you notice your child is suffering allergic symptoms, see a pediatrician or allergist to get a diagnosis. Look out for these common symptoms of outdoor seasonal allergies:2

  Itchy nose and/or throat
  Nasal congestion+
  Itchy, watery, and/or red eyes+

You may see multiple symptoms or just one. In any case, the sooner you seek medical guidance, the sooner you can get your child on the path to relief. 

Get to know what triggers your child’s allergies

The most common trigger of outdoor allergies in kids2 is pollen from trees, grass, and weeds. Many allergens produce similar symptoms and will benefit from the same efforts at relieving them. 

You can help minimize symptoms

Here are tips to alleviate seasonal allergies:

 Limit outdoor activities between 11 a.m.–3 p.m. when pollen counts are highest3

 Have children wash their hands immediately upon returning inside2

 Teach children to avoid rubbing their eyes, which can worsen symptoms 

 Schedule showers or baths as soon as possible after they come inside to wash off any potential remaining allergens on their skin or hair3

 Make sure they only wear outdoor clothes once before washing them3

 Dry clothes in the dryer, instead of hanging them outside among allergens3

 Be aware of your child’s exposure to allergens at school

Learn more about managing your child's allergy symptoms.

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