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Live better life during allergy season with Telfast®

Life isn’t waiting for your seasonal allergic rhinitis symptoms to pass and neither should you. That’s why Telfast® delivers non-sedating relief for adults and kids.1 Get out there and do what you love. Telfast® is here to relief seasonal allergic rhinitis symptoms.1

Your seasonal allergic rhinitis don’t stand a chance

Relief your seasonal allergic rhinitis symptoms with the allergist recommended non-sedating brand*

Product shots of Telfast® 24 Hour 120 & 180 mg Allergy

Telfast® 120 mg & 180 mg seasonal allergic rhinitis symptoms Relief

Telfast® delivers fast, non-non-sedating seasonal allergic rhinitis symptoms relief ¹ in 24-hr Tablets.²

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Telfast Decongestant® Allergy & Congestion

Telfast Decongestant® Allergy & Congestion Relief

Telfast Decongestant® delivers fast, non-drowsy allergy relief plus an effective decongestant in 12-hr Tablets3

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Telfast® for children

Children's Telfast® seasonal allergic rhinitis symptoms Relief

Children's Telfast® for kids delivers effective, non-sedating, 12-hr relief in white uniform aqueous suspension with a raspberry cream flavor.1

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Discover the Telfast® Advantage

Do what you want. Go where you want. Any time of year — without seasonal allergic rhinitis symptoms holding you back.1

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Because it’s nice to enjoy the relief without worrying about sedation.¹

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Long-lasting “with 24 hours relief of allergy symptoms”

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* You have to avoid the allergy trigger like pets’ Dander

Understanding Allergies

The first step to relieving allergies is understanding them.

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Allergy Triggers

Learn about external causes of allergies like animal dander, mold, dust, and seasonal allergies.

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Adult Allergies

Get information about adult indoor and outdoor allergy relief.

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Children's Allergies

Helping Children with Indoor / Outdoor Allergies


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