A Woman comparing Telfast® with another medicine in the allergy aisle at a store, looking approvingly towards Telfast®.

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Do what you want. Go where you want. Any time of year. Live with relief — without without seasonal allergic rhinitis symptoms.

Telfast® is:

 Non-sedating, long-lasting “with 24 hours relief of allergy symptoms”.¹

 Effective relief from multiple symptoms of seasonal allergic rhinitis.1

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And we have formulas for kids (Suspension).¹

Our children’s products are non-sedating.¹That means your kids get relief in school with no impact on their learning or concentration due to sedation.§ Children’s Telfast® 12 hour suspension offers hours of non-sedating relief in a kid-approved white uniform aqueous suspension with a raspberry cream flavor.¹ 

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Telfast® is here to help

Telfast® 120 mg and 180 mg helps you live better life by relieving many seasonal allergic rhinitis symptoms when taken at the first sign of allergies.¹

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§Starts working in one hour.1
Artificial raspberry cream flavor.1

    1. Telfast Ministry of Health Approved Leaflet, approval date: 29/11/2018.

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