Helping Children with Outdoor Allergies

Help your kids enjoy outdoors, symptom free.

A little girl blowing dandelions outside in the daytime.

*you have to avoid allergy causing triggers like pollen grains

Nearly 5.2 million children under age 18 experience hay fever in the past 12 months and 7.1 million have respiratory allergies.1

Seasonal allergies can start at almost any age, though they usually do not develop before a child is 2 years old. Most people with seasonal allergies develop them by age 20.2

In this page you will find information about

Recognize allergic symptoms in kids
Get to know what triggers your child’s allergies
You can help minimize symptoms
Telfast® is here for you

Recognize allergic symptoms in kids

If your child develops "cold" symptoms at the same time every year, seasonal allergies might be to blame. Allergy symptoms, which usually come on suddenly and last for as long as a person is exposed to the allergen, can include.2


  Itchy nose and/or throat2

  Clear, runny nose2

  Postnasal drip2


  Itchy, watery, and/or red eyes2

Get to know what triggers your child’s allergies

The most common trigger of outdoor allergies in kids is pollen from trees, grass, and weeds.2

Many allergens produce similar symptoms and will benefit from the same efforts at relieving them.

You can help minimize symptoms

Here are tips to alleviate seasonal allergies:4

 Stay indoors with the windows closed when the pollen count is high, and on windy days4

 Control dust in the home, especially in your child's bedroom.4

 When possible, remove wall-to-wall carpet, window blinds, and down-filled blankets or pillows4

 Wash bedding, curtains, and clothing often. Use hot water. This helps get rid of dust mites4

 Use air conditioning instead of opening the windows 4

 After playing outside on days when the pollen count is high, have your child take a shower. They should also wash their hair and change clothes.4

Learn more about managing your child's allergy symptoms.

A boy plays with his dog outside.

*you have to avoid allergy causing triggers like pets’ danders

Relieve their outdoor allergies with Telfast® Oral suspension for children.4

Get 12-hour relief from outdoor seasonal allergies, without impacting their ability to concentrate due to drowsiness.4

Find the Telfast® product that’s right for you and your family

Recommended Reading:

+Children’s Telfast® is not indicated to relieve coughing. Children’s Telfast® is indicated to relieve sneezing, runny nose, itchy, watery eyes or an itchy nose or throat.5

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