Telfast® Products

Get long-lasting “with 24 hours relief of allergy symptoms”*, non-sedating relief for seasonal allergic rhinitis symptoms with Telfast®, Telfast Decongestant®, and Children's Telfast® products so you and your family can get out there and live with relief.¹

*Telfast® 120 and 180 mg offer 24-hour relief1. Children's Telfast® and Telfast Decongestant lasts a full 12 hours.²

Adult Allergy Relief Products

Proven to start working in one hour and won't leave you feeling sedated.1

Front of Telfast® 24 Hour 120 mg Tablets Pack

Telfast® 24 Hour 120mg Tablets

Get relief from seasonal allergic rhinitis symptoms every day with Telfast® 24 Hour Tablets.

Front of Telfast® 24 Hour 180mg Tablets Pack

Telfast® 24 Hour 180mg Tablets

Get all-day relief from allergy symptoms with Telfast® 24 Hour 180 mg Tablets.

Adult Telfast Decongestant & For Allergic Rhinitis with Nasal Congestion.

Relieve allergies symptoms, nasal congestion.³

Front of Telfast-Decongestant® Tablets Pack


Get all-day relief from seasonal allergic rhinitis and congestion symptoms with Telfast-Decongestant®12 Hour Tablets.

Nasacort AQ for nasal congestion and allergy relief

Nasacort AQ 24 Hour Intranasal Spray

Nasacort AQ

Relief from nasal congestion and allergy with 24 hr intranasal spray.1

Children's Telfast Relief Product.

Non-sedating relief for your child's runny nose, watery eyes, itchy nose, and more.¹

Front of Children's Telfast 12 Hour raspberry cream flavor suspension Bottle.1

Children's Telfast® 12 Hour suspension

Children's Telfast® 12 Hour Liquid is designed to relieve tough allergy symptoms for children 2 to under 12 years of age.

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    2. Telfast Ministry of Health Approved Leaflet, approval date: 29/11/2018.

    3. Telfast Decongestant Ministry of Health Approved leaflet, approval date: 9/6/2019.

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